Professional Experience

User-Centered Design Researcher & Mobile Application Developer

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Jan 2007 – Present

Advisor: Kay H. Connelly

  • Designed low and high fidelity prototypes
  • Conducted long and short term user research studies on 2-26 participants
  • Used structured and semi-structured interviews, task-based prototype interactions to collect data
  • Developed Android and Windows Phone based mobile applications
  • Performed statistical and qualitative analysis
  • Mentored several undergraduates on various research projects

Authored and co-authored conference, journal and book publications [B1, C2, C3, W1, A2, A3, A4, J1, J2]

Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Earlham College, Richmond, IN

August 2012 – June 2014

  • Taught a variety of introductory and advanced computer science courses
  • Mentored research and applied projects on a variety of topics e.g. User Interface Design, Website Design
  • Acted as an academic and career advisor
  • Participated in college and departmental activities
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