Book Chapter

[B1]   Evaluation of Two Mobile Nutrition Tracking Applications for Chronically Ill Populations with Low Literacy Skills. Katie A. Siek, Kay H. Connelly, Beenish M. Chaudry, Desiree Lambert, Janet L. Welch. In Mobile Health Solutions for Biomedical Applications. Joseph Tan and Phillip Olla eds. March 2009 (ISBN: 1605663328)

Journal Papers

[J2]   Formative Evaluation of a Mobile Interface Design for Portion Size Estimation of Liquids by a Varying Literacy Population. Beenish M. Chaudry, Kay H. Connelly, Katie A. Siek, Janet L. Welch. 12 pages. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing. September 14th, 2012(online).

[J1]    An Offline Mobile Nutrition Monitoring Intervention for People with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 and Varying Literacy: A Pilot Study. Kay H. Connelly, Katie A. Siek, Beenish M. Chaudry, Janet L. Welch. 16 pages. Journal of American Medical Informatics Association. May 12th, 2012 (online). Impact Factor – 3.078.

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

[C3]   Mobile Interface Design for Low Literacy Populations.  Beenish M. Chaudry, Kay H. Connelly, Katie A. Siek, Janet L. Welch. 10 Pages, ACM Proc. of International Health Informatics 2012. Accept rate – 37%

[C2]   The Design of a Mobile Portion Size Estimation Interface for Low-Literacy Populations. Beenish M. Chaudry, Kay H. Connelly, Katie A. Siek, Janet L. Welch. 8 pages. Proc. of Pervasive Heathcare 2011. Accept rate – 36%. Nominated for Best Paper Award – 7% of accepted papers nominated.

[C1]   Designing for the cultural other: Materiality and technology in Indian homes. Shaowen Bardzell, Rajasee Rege, Chen Huang, Beenish Chaudry. Proc. of International Conference on Designing for Pleasurable Products and Interfaces, 2009.


Workshop Papers

[W2]   Evaluating Physical Activity Monitors. Kay Connelly, Kelly Caine, JerNettie Burney, Beenish Chaudhry, Daniel O. Kutz, Jerald Dawson. Workshop on Evaluating off-the-shelf Technologies for Personal Health Monitoring (Co-located with UbiComp 2012), Pittsburgh, PA, September 2012.

[W1]   Challenges in Evaluating Three Assistive Health Applications. Katie A. Siek, Steven E. Ross, Kay H. Connelly, Jeffrey S. LaMarche, Danish Ullah Khan, and Beenish M. Chaudry. In CHI 2009 Workshop: Evaluating New Interactions in Healthcare: Challenges and Approaches.

Posters/ Abstracts

[A6]     Ecological Momentary Assessment and Cell Phone Technology to Measure Health Risk Behaviors in Low Literate Mexican American Women. Karen Stein, Kay Connelly, Nicole Trabold, Beenish Chaudhry, Librada Paz, Wanda Perez-Diaz. Council of Advancement of Nursing Science Meeting 2014, Washington DC.

[A5]     A Novel Portion Size Estimation Mobile Interface. Beenish Chaudry, Kay Connelly. Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH) (Co-located with the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium) Nov. 2012. Chicago, IL.

[A4]   Electronic Self-Monitoring of Physical Activity by Adults on Hemodialysis. Kim Astroth, Janet L. Welch, Kay Connelly, Beenish Chaudry, Josette Jones, Linda Scott. MNRS 2010, Kansas City, MS

[A3]   Merging Literacy with Computer Technology for Self-Managing Diet and Fluid Intake. Janet L. Welch, Kay Connelly, Katie A. Siek, Josette Jones, Susan Perkins, Beenish Chaudry, Janet Kain, Linda Scott, Kim Astroth, Seongkum Heo, Sue McManus, Jerry Mooney, Cindy Calley. 20th International Nursing Research Congress Focusing on Evidence-Based Practice.

[A2]   Case study of the Design of a Mobile Health Application for a Chronically Ill, Low-Literacy Population. Kay Connelly, Katie A. Siek, Janet Welch, Beenish Chaudry, Josette Jones, and Linda Scott. 2009 mHealth Summit.

[A1]   Developing a Java Software Tool for Visualization of Oriented Matroids. Beenish Chaudry, Ileana Streinu, Geetika Tewari, Elif Tosun. The Journal of Computing in Small Colleges, Proc. of 5th annual CCSNE 5, 15 (April 2000), 330-331.

Technical Reports

[T2]   Discrete Sliding Conjecture and Gluing Graphs, Beenish Chaudry, Smith Technical Report, December 2003

[T1]   PushPush is NP-hard in 3D. J. O'Rourke and Smith Problem Solving Group (including Beenish Chaudry, Sorina Chircu, Elizabeth Churchill, Sasha Fedorova, Biliana Kaneva, Haley Miller, Irena Pashchenko, Geetika Tewari, Elif Tosun). Smith Technical Report 064, Nov. 1999.

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